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Our podcast is currently on hiatus.

We look forward to picking it back up in the future. In the meantime, check out the archives. While listening, you may hear reference to the Candor Coach App or the Candor Gauge. These are no longer available, but we trust you’ll find lots of other useful tips to bring Radical Candor into your everyday life. To see the show notes, click on the title of each episode listed below.

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Podcast Episode 3: Ruinous Empathy and Praise

Have you ever received praise that made it feel like you were just getting a pat on the head? Or have you ever given someone praise because you wanted them to like you? This episode is for you! This week on the Radical Candor podcast: Ruinous Empathy and praise, with special guest, Dick Costolo!

Listen to the episode now:

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Podcast Episode 2: Radically Candid Criticism

Radical Candor Episode 2 is here! In this week’s episode, Russ and Kim talk about Radically Candid criticism. What is it and why does it work? They share stories about times they screwed up and then received Radically Candid criticism. Russ and Kim also give concrete tips for offering Radically Candid criticism in your own workplace.

Listen now!

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