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Radical Candor — Caring Personally while Challenging Directly — is guidance that’s both kind and clear, specific and sincere. The antidote to toxic company cultures, it’s a simple concept that’s not always easy to practice. Change is hard. We can help!

Kim Scott Radical Candor

Radical Candor Keynote: The Talk


Radical Candor author Kim Scott, or a trained Candor Coach, will introduce key Radical Candor concepts, providing tips and tactics to get you started on your Radical Candor journey.

Through relatable personal stories, we provide your team with a framework and a shared vocabulary to help them improve their feedback and create a culture of guidance based on the key Radical Candor principles: Caring Personally and Challenging Directly. The Talk scales up for audiences of over 1,000, and scales down for smaller groups to an intimate, fun and interactive discussion.

We are currently offering virtual talks and considering in-person talks on a case-by-case basis.

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Radical Candor Interactive Workshops


Our immersive workshops show you how to put Radical Candor into practice by teaching you to successfully solicit, give and receive feedback using the Radical Candor principles: Caring Personally and Challenging Directly.

Through storytelling, you’ll be introduced to the core concepts and a shared vocabulary as well as tips and techniques that demonstrate for your team how Radical Candor can become an integral part of their success at work.

Then we dive into real-life scenarios, providing opportunities to practice Radical Candor in a safe and supportive environment so your team can head back to work with a clear understanding of how to put Radical Candor into action.

We are currently offering virtual workshops and considering in-person workshops on a case-by-case basis.

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The Feedback Loop: A Workplace Comedy Series


Improvising Radical Candor, a partnership between Radical Candor and Second City Works, introduces The Feedback Loop (think Groundhog Day meets The Office), a 5-episode workplace comedy series that brings to life Radical Candor’s simple framework for navigating candid conversations.

You’ll get an hour of hilarious content about a team whose feedback fails are costing them business; improv-inspired exercises to teach everyone the skills they need to work better together; after-episode action plans you can put into practice immediately; and the option to bundle your package with an Improvising Radical Candor Keynote. The program easily scales across in-person and remote organizations so everyone can learn right where they are. 

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There are two ways to get The Feedback Loop:

For companies with over 250 people who want to personalize the program or deploy it via their own learning management system, we offer an enterprise license.

For individuals, teams and companies smaller than 250 people, or for larger companies looking for a plug-and-play experience, we offer individual licenses starting at $59 a person.

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Speaking of candor

Every day people tell us that learning to Care Personally and Challenge Directly has made their teams happier and more productive.

“It’s been an incredible journey for us — from book studies to informal discussion, the Radical Candor quadrants have become a new vocabulary in our district. The positive impact of Radical Candor has been far-reaching, thank you!”
Becky Peters
St. Vrain Valley School District
Colorado, USA

“The AsiaPacific leadership team used this workshop to assess and improve how they communicate to their teams and each other, integrating learnings from the Indian, Singaporean, and Australian cultures while together. Having a Radical Candor coach and peers from other regions to practice with was invaluable.”
Clare Martin
Bangalore, India

“Thank you so much for coming and working with our team. Everyone loved the workshop…everything you shared with us will help us be our best selves and best Hireologists.”
Christen Calloway
Illinois, USA

“I loved it! I was already familiar with the concept, and still it was a great conversation…Meeting these world-class business ‘gurus’ is very inspiring and aspirational.”
Nubank team member
São Paulo, Brazil

“I’ve only heard GREAT things about the training. It makes me so proud of this team to hear them reflecting on their styles and thinking about what they need to change in their behaviors.”
Janel Lao
California, USA

Radical Candor in Action

Helping companies around the world create a culture of guidance.

ZenHub applies the Radical Candor principles

Read about how ZenHub, known for building the new standard in developer collaboration tools, applied the principles of Radical Candor to their internal engineering organization.

Amazon’s “Day One: Insights for Entrepreneurs”

Radical Candor’s Kim Scott teamed up with Amazon to support entrepreneurs and business leaders in the market for inspiration and innovation.

Radical Candor gives guidance to Gather

Learn how Nicholas Miller, co-founder and CEO of Gather, the leading event software for restaurants and venues, introduced Radical Candor, and how it helped Gather evolve their feedback culture.

Gem uses Radical Candor to recognize success

Gem, a Los Angeles-based blockchain company focused on healthcare and supply chain, introduced their 20-person team to Radical Candor. Looking for ideas to roll out the framework?

Evernote learns the benefits of Radical Candor

ThreeSixtyEight makes Radical Candor a core value

Learn how ThreeSixtyEight, a digital services company, made Radical Candor a core value for internal and client interactions. For teams looking to introduce Radical Candor, read three recommendations from ThreeSixtyEight CEO Kenny Nguen.

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