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We want to help you love your work and the people you work with. Our goal is to help you develop as a leader and to empower you and your team to do the best work of your lives.

A New Management Philosophy

We believe that the relationships you have with your team are at the center of being a great boss. At the heart of these relationships is Radical Candor, the ability to Care Personally at the same time that you Challenge Directly when you fulfill your core responsibilities as a leader:

  • Create a culture of feedback.
  • Help the people on your team achieve their fullest potential.
  • Drive results collaboratively.

When you give feedback to a team and achieve results that you’re all proud of, you build a culture of Radical Candor that helps move things forward smoothly. Candor, Inc. is a company of managers committed to teaching managers how to be more effective.

Practicing Change

We understand how hard it is to be a great boss. Even when you know what you “should do” you can’t always do it because it’s hard to change behavior, and to keep track of all the things you’re supposed to do as a manager. We don’t just want to teach you a leadership philosophy, we want to help you put it into practice day to day.

Join us on our journey to rid the world of bad bosses.

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