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Our podcast is currently on hiatus.

We look forward to picking it back up in the future. In the meantime, check out the archives. While listening, you may hear reference to the Candor Coach App or the Candor Gauge. These are no longer available, but we trust you’ll find lots of other useful tips to bring Radical Candor into your everyday life. To see the show notes, click on the title of each episode listed below.

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Podcast Episode 12: Make Meetings Less Awful

Meetings can be an extremely frustrating part of work. But they don’t have to be! Listen to this episode with guest Claire Johnson of Stripe to discover a meeting opportunity you may be missing, learn how to combat the worst meeting habit, and get some tips you can use to start improving your meetings this week.

Listen to this week’s episode:

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Podcast Episode 5: Career Conversations

As a manager, your job is to help your people grow. But have you ever asked yourself, “Grow into what?” This week, Russ and Kim talk about a technique for getting to know the people on your team, understanding the things that motivate them, learning about their dreams, and helping them make tangible progress towards those dreams.

Listen to this week’s episode:

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Podcast Episode 4: Ruinous Empathy and Criticism

Giving criticism isn’t usually something that people look forward to, but it needs to be done! If you don’t give criticism when it’s needed, you end up hurting people you care about by being “too nice.” Kim and Russ both share stories about learning this the hard way and some tips to help you avoid Ruinous Empathy.

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