Keynote: The talk

Radical Candor author Kim Scott, or a trained Candor Coach, will introduce key Radical Candor concepts, providing tips and tactics to get you started on your Radical Candor journey.

Interactive Workshops

Through storytelling, a trained Candor Coach will introduce you and your team to the core Radical Candor concepts and a shared vocabulary as well as tips and techniques that demonstrate for your team how Radical Candor can become an integral part of their success at work.

Improvising Radical Candor

Improvising Radical Candor combines the expertise of Radical Candor, the executive education company based on Kim Scott’s New York Times bestseller, Radical Candor: Be a Kick-ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity, with the innovation of Second City Works. Ask about our in-person and virtual learning programs.

Videos to Help You Learn the Framework

Radical Candor In 6 Minutes

Learn the basics of Radical Candor in six minutes. Obnoxious Aggression is what happens when you challenge someone directly, but don’t care about them personally. Manipulative Insincerity is praise that is non-specific and insincere or criticism that is neither clear nor kind. Ruinous Empathy is “nice” but ultimately unhelpful or even damaging. Radical Candor is criticism that is kind and clear, and praise that is specific and sincere.

Mini Keynote With Kim Scott

Kim breaks down the concepts on Radical Candor, provides specific stories and examples, and reveals the two incidents that prompted her to bottle the magic of Radical Candor and share it with the world. Radical Candor not only become a best-selling book, but it’s also blossomed into a company creating BS-free zones at workplaces around the world.

The Talk that Started a Revolution

Kim’s talk at First Round Capital went viral and started a feedback revolution around the world. Why? Because implementing a feedback-first culture will improve your relationships and help your team achieve more success than you ever thought possible. Next, Kim is tackling bias and bullying in the workplace. Pre-order her new book, Just Work: Get Sh*t Done, Fast & Fair, to learn how we can recognize, attack, and eliminate workplace injustice ― and transform our careers and organizations in the process.

Radically Candid Resources for You

A great way to practice the principles of Radical Candor is by starting a virtual book club. Buy copies of Radical Candor in bulk at a reduced rate, save over 50% per book! This list of Radical Candor book club questions will get you started with discussion topics for each chapter. In addition, this guide to rolling out Radical Candor can help you bring the concepts to your team.

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