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Care Personally
and Challenge Directly

What is Radical Candor?

Radical Candor™ just means Care Personally AND Challenge Directly.
Why does something so simple feel radical?

Develop as a Leader

We want to help empower you and your team to do the best work of your lives.

Stories & Advice

Rolling Out Radical Candor: Part One

We love working closely with teams rolling out Radical Candor, and offer coaching, training and customized workshops. We can help teach you to: share the ideas with your team and learn how to tell your feedback stories; practice key skills like soliciting feedback, offering meaningful praise, and giving helpful criticism; and create a culture of guidance so that all the burden of feedback doesn’t fall on your shoulders. We also work with leaders to help you build more cohesive teams and to achieve results collaboratively. Let us know how we can support you. We love doing this work so much…

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