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Be a kick-ass boss

without losing your humanity

Create a culture of feedback, build a cohesive team and achieve great results. Radical Candor helps you love your work and the people you work with.

Change is hard

Moving from command-and-control to successful collaboration isn’t easy. But telling people what to do doesn’t work.

We can help

We teach a management philosophy and provide you with tips and tools to create a culture of Radical Candor, grow as a leader and achieve amazing results.

Build a Culture of
Radical Candor

Inspiring Keynotes

A Candor Coach will introduce key concepts, share their own stories, and provide tips and tactics to get you started on your Radical Candor journey.

In-Person Workshops

Develop a shared vocabulary. Practice the Radical Candor order of operations: solicit real feedback, offer specific praise, and offer criticism helpfully and humbly.

Read With Your Team

Introduce your team to Radical Candor by reading the book together and committing to implementing 
one idea per month.

What is radical candor?

A management philosophy based on Caring Personally while Challenging Directly.

Practices to get, give and encourage guidance and feedback at work (praise and criticism).

Strategies for building a cohesive team.

Tools to help you and your team get stuff done with less drama.

It’s not a license to act like a jerk.

It’s not an invitation 
to get creepily personal.

It’s not just for managers — 
we all want to succeed.

It all started with a dog named belvedere

Learn about the conversation that inspired Kim Scott to bottle the magic of Radical Candor and share it with the world.

Radical Candor:
a Global Phenomenon

Radical Candor is being shared at companies around the world. Read all about it.

Agile Alliance
The New York Times
Fast Company
Financial Times
First Round
The Wall Street Journal

The book
that’s reshaping
modern management

“With Radical Candor, Kim has bottled some of Google’s magic and shared it with the world.”
Shona Brown
Former SVP Business Operations at Google

“Radical Candor is packed with illuminating truths, insightful advice and practical suggestions, all illustrated with engaging (and often funny) stories from Kim Scott’s own experiences at places like Apple, Google and various start-ups. Indispensable.”
Gretchen Rubin
Author of NYT bestseller 
The Happiness Project

“Kim Scott has a well-earned reputation as a kickass boss and
a voice that CEOs take seriously...
If you manage people—whether it be 1 person or a 1,000—you need Radical Candor. Now.”
Daniel Pink
Author of NYT bestseller Drive

“Reading Radical Candor will help you build, lead and inspire teams to do the best work of their lives.”
Sheryl Sandberg
Author of the NYT bestseller Option B

Keep it candid

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