The Candor Boomerang

Marc Murphy, CEO at Atlatl Software, wrote us recently with this great feedback story, and a great new term to start using.

The Candor Boomerang

Had a great candor moment this week that I wanted to share. I called it a candor boomerang…

Marc met with a manager on his team and had a great, candid session. Marc shared some feedback with the manager. When he finished, the manager said, “Now can I share some feedback that I have for you?” What came next was some of the best feedback Marc has received as a CEO, and it made an immediate impact.

So proud that we are building an organization that is open to the candor boomerang.

We love this story and this new term, the candor boomerang! People can feel that it is pretty risky to offer feedback to their boss, and it’s so powerful when they feel comfortable turning the table. As a boss, are you creating a safe space so your team can share feedback with you?

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Have you experienced a candor boomerang? Share your story with us!