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Leading With Compassion 5 | 22

In times of trauma, it’s all about care personally. This is not the moment to challenge directly. Or to make policy pronouncements, especially if that’s not your job. On this episode of the Radical Candor podcast, Kim, Jason and Amy discuss leading with compassion amid the chaos and catastrophe in Israel and Gaza.

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Radical Candor Podcast Episode At a Glance: Leading With Compassion

A cautionary tale: I was living and working in Manhattan on 9/11. Shortly after I learned about the death of someone close to me, a person I love called me from another country. Before checking in on me, or asking how I was, she launched into a critique of U.S. Government policy.

Intellectually, I agreed with her critique. But emotionally I was devastated. Her call fractured our relationship, permanently. She wasn’t of course saying that the U.S. had it coming. But that was how it felt.

And when I asked her why she couldn’t just check in on me at that moment, and ask me how I was, she got defensive. Please don’t do that to the people you care about!

I am sharing this because I want to encourage folks to reach out to people they know affected by the violence and shower them with love. Call them on the phone. Have real, human conversations with specific people who you know personally.

Not making public statements on social media is not the same thing as silence. Taking action privately matters. Showing one person with whom you have a relationship that you care about how they are doing, asking them how you can support them, seems to me like it will have more impact.
— Kim Scott

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