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Podcast Season 5, Episode 4: The Emotional Toll of Being Laid Off is Real

Jason hosts this episode of the Radical Candor podcast and interviews Amy, Kim and Brandi about layoffs. The team discusses layoffs from a few different perspectives — the most important one is the impact on people who are being laid off. The emotional and financial toll of being laid off is real. Amy says, “Looking back on it, it was a huge transformational time that set my life up in a way that I really wanted. But it felt like absolute sh*t in the process.”

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@realisticrecruiting If you were laid off you probably never could have stopped it so dont take the blame for yourself. And always remember to prioritize you and your people first #jobsearchtips #jobsearching #careertiktok #careertok #careeradvice #layoffs #jobinterviewtips ♬ original sound – Mike Peditto | Job Search Talk

So, unless you’ve been totally ignoring all forms of news and social media, aside from the Radical Candor podcast, of course, you’ve heard about the cascade of layoffs at myriad tech companies. Perhaps you’re one of the thousands of people who recently learned they were out of a job via email.

We’re going to talk about layoffs from a few different perspectives — the most important thing being the impact on people who are being laid off.

Kim and Amy share their layoff stories and Brandi talks about how while she did “everything wrong” while she was out of work, those things ended up being right for her.

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@brittanypeachhh Original creator reposting: brittany peach cloudflare layoff. When you know you’re about to get laid off so you film it :) this was traumatizing honestly lmao #cloudflare #techlayoffs #tech #layoff ♬ original sound – Britt


  1. This is a time to over-index on the care personally part for yourself. This is a challenging emotional moment and we’ve learned there’s no one right way to navigate a layoff. So start with self-compassion.
  2. Ask for help. Don’t think about it in terms of asking for a handout—what you’re doing is you’re asking for an investment in yourself, and you are a good investment. Be as clear as possible about what you need and people usually are happy to help. They’re eager to help and in fact, they’re lucky to be able to invest in you.
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