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Podcast Episode 7: How to Get Feedback from Your Boss

Feedback is critical for success, so what happens if you aren’t getting the feedback you need? It can feel hard to ask for feedback, especially from your boss, but Russ and Kim have some advice! This episode is all about how to get feedback from your boss.

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In This Episode

We’ve talked a lot about how not to be the boss you hate, but this week is our first episode about how not to hate the boss you have. Russ and Kim share great advice for anyone who has a boss!

Russ tells a story about a time at Google when he needed to ask for feedback and it took him longer than it should have. He touches on some of the reasons people don’t ask for feedback or help when they need it, but encourages you to get the feedback you need from your boss.

When you ask someone for help, you’re getting them to invest in your success.

Kim shares a story about when she was working in Moscow and her boss was located in New York. Her boss had daily check-ins with her and communicated frequently, making it easy and natural for her to ask him for feedback.

This episode has a listener question about not getting any feedback from a supervisor and how hard it is to ask for that feedback. Kim and Russ talk about “absentee managers,” and advise asking your boss to commit to regular one-on-one (1:1) meetings.

They give some quick tips for making it easy for your boss to attend 1:1s.

  1. Send an agenda in advance
  2. Suggest alternate times
  3. If the 1:1 isn’t working, go straight to their office/desk to ask for help


This Week’s Candor Checklist

The episode ends, as always, with tips you can put into practice right away.

Tip 1: Have a go-to question

Tip 2: Embrace the discomfort

Tip 3: Listen with the intent to understand, not respond

Tip 4: Reward the candor

Listen to the episode to hear the explanations of these tips.

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