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Podcast Episode 8: How to Give Feedback to Your Boss

Being able to give your boss feedback is one of the key ways not to hate the boss you have! But this can be extremely daunting and sometimes risky…how do you do it so that you’ll be heard and not shut down?

Listen to this episode for advice from Russ and Kim:

In This Episode

We’re back this week with more about how not to hate the boss you have. Last week we talked about getting feedback, and now Russ and Kim have advice for giving feedback to your boss. If you can share feedback with your boss, you’ll have a much better working relationship, you’ll enjoy your work more, and you’ll be able to do better work together. 

Of course, this is easier said than done. Kim tells a story about a boss she had trouble working with who wasn’t open to hearing her feedback. But as bosses, Kim and Russ know how valuable it is to get feedback from the people who report to them. They share a few stories about times when people who worked for them have given them really good feedback. Kim even talks about great criticism she got from Russ when he worked for her at Google.

This week’s listener question comes from someone who is trying to give feedback to their boss but is getting shut down. Russ and Kim give advice for dealing with this situation and talk about a helpful mindset to use when going into a conversation to give feedback to your boss.

Don’t forget to both Care Personally and Challenge Directly


Then they dive into the Candor Checklist for specific tips on giving feedback to your boss.

The Candor Checklist

Tip 1: Don’t let criticism build up.

Tip 2: Ask questions to understand and to ask for permission to give another perspective.

Tip 3: Don’t pander.

Tip 4: Don’t forget to quit.

Get the full explanations of these tips by listening to the episode!

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  1. Help! My boss is a bit of a gossip. I feel that it impacts her reputation as a manager, but also makes me uncomfortable. I probably know things I shouldn’t! How do I tell her this?

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