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Podcast Episode 2: Radically Candid Criticism

Radical Candor Episode 2 is here! In this week’s episode, Russ and Kim talk about Radically Candid criticism. What is it and why does it work? They share stories about times they screwed up and then received Radically Candid criticism. Russ and Kim also give concrete tips for offering Radically Candid criticism in your own workplace.

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At a Glance

This week’s episode is all about Radical Candor, which happens when you Challenge Directly at the same time that you show that you Care Personally. To help you visualize this, we created a 2×2 framework, and labeled the other quadrants of the 2×2 to motivate you to reach for Radical Candor:

In this episode, Russ shares a story about receiving Radical Candor from Colonel John Boggs during his time in the Marines. He explains how it was possible for him to hear and act on this tough feedback:

I need you to tell me why your leadership is so weak that your Marine thought it was ok to go to Mexico, get drunk, and punch a cop.

Kim shares her Radical Candor origin story, when she walked away with words to live by:

It’s not mean, it’s clear.

Kim and Russ talk about what you can do to make it possible for people to hear your tough feedback, how to show you Care Personally over time, and how you can also show you Care Personally with just one sentence.

And of course, the episode ends with specific tips that you can put into practice right away.

This Week’s Candor Checklist

Tip 1: Take a moment to show that you care, to establish a human bond.

Tip 2: Don’t sugarcoat it. “Be really clear about what needs improvement.”

Tip 3: Do not offer a feedback sandwich.

Make sure to listen to the podcast for the full explanation of these tips.

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  1. Hey, I’ve just found your podcast and absolutely love it – this is just what I needed to get me started and get changing things at my unbelievably dysfunctional workplace! However, I have trouble listening to a few of the episodes- the squiggly line doesn’t appear next to the Play sign, and it won’t play. Is this a common problem? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance for help, I intend to listen through all the episodes!

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