Video Tip for Radically Candid Criticism

We’ve been sharing video tips from Kim and Russ every couple of weeks, and we started off with a bunch of tips about giving praise. We received feedback from one of our community, asking for more tips for giving criticism. How can you be Radically Candid in tougher conversations? First, let us say thank you so much for the feedback!

Please keep letting us know when we need to adjust our course! Send us feedback via our website, or reach out on Twitter or Facebook.

Now let’s get into this week’s video tip and talk about giving criticism.

Radical Candor means Challenging Directly and showing that you Care Personally. How can you do these two things when giving criticism? Be both kind and clear. Being kind means caring about what’s best for the person long term, not just what feels easiest right now. Being clear means leaving no room for interpretation about what you really think.

Watch the video to hear Russ and Kim’s tips for being kind while giving criticism. Kim also shares a ridiculous story that will help you remember to be very clear in tougher conversations.

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