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How to Avoid the ‘Oops, Just Kidding’ Job Offer by Hiring the Right People at the Right Time 5 | 9

On this episode of the Radical Candor podcast, Kim, Jason and Amy discuss another upsetting trend in the workplace — the “Oops, just kidding!” job offer. The team emphasizes the importance of remembering that the people you are hiring are real human beings with loved ones, bills and responsibilities. You’re not trying them on like a pair of shoes you can discard later if they’re not the right fit. It’s important to get hiring right and Radical Candor has a strategy to set you up for success.

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Some companies don’t invest much time in the hiring process, on the theory that it’s easy to fire people. This is a big mistake.


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While we know that not every possible situation can be predicted, on this episode of the Radical Candor podcast, Kim, Jason and Amy outline a 5-step hiring process that can increase the chances that the right people will be hired at the right times.

  1. Job description: define team culture as rigorously as you define skills to minimize bias. Look for culture adds not culture fits.
  2. Casual interviews reveal more about team culture than formal ones
  3. To allow for meaningful comparisons, use the same interview committee for multiple candidates.
  4. Make interviews productive by jotting down your thoughts right away.
  5. Debrief/decision: if you’re not dying to hire the person, don’t make an offer.

These are the basic elements of a hiring process that is as rigorous as possible without being overly onerous. All hiring is flawed and subjective, and these drawbacks cannot be fixed; they can only be managed

Radical Candor Podcast Checklist

Radical Candor Podcast Hiring Process

  1. Create more casual moments in your interview—take candidates to lunch or walk them to the car. Jason had a great example of bringing in schedulers and receptionists into your process.  
  2. Schedule an hour, interview for 45 minutes, and write for 15. This arrangement will force you to have a more focused interview and to make a better recommendation about whom to hire.
  3. If you are consistently not hiring underrepresented people who have the skills for the job, it’s time to look yourself in the mirror and figure out how to take bias out of your interview process. Be explicit about Culture Add in the job description. You can use Textio to help.

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