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Podcast Season 2, Episode 4: Radically Candid Conversations — Kim Scott & Dr. A. Breeze Harper Discuss Anti-Racism

Our new series, “Radically Candid Conversations,” features experts and guests who will help us learn, reflect, and put our insights into action. Our first discussion with Kim Scott and Dr. A. Breeze Harper, Ph.D., a diversity and inclusion strategist, antiracism scholar and facilitator, explores how to practice Radical Candor when addressing systemic racism; the historical origins and research-based understanding of white, racialized consciousness; what it means to be antiracist and how to practice anti-racism, and how we can be antiracist leaders, parents and citizens.

Listen to the episode:


Watch Dr. Harper’s talk, “Uprooting White Fragility”

Recommended Anti-Racism Reading

“Racialized Consciousness, Symbolic Representionalism, and the Prophetic/Critical Voice of the Black Intellectual” by Arnold Farr

How To Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi

Me and White Supremacy by Layla Saad

Combined Destinies: Whites Sharing Grief about Racism by Ann Todd Jealous and Caroline T. Haskell

Dear White America,” by George Yancy, The New York Times

Backlash: What Happens When We Talk Honestly about Racism in America by George Yancy

Scars: A Black Lesbian Experience in Rural White New England By Dr. A. Breeze Harper, Ph.D.

White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard For White People To Talk About Racism by Dr. Robin DiAngelo, Ph.D.

I Received Some Important, Radically Candid, Criticism About My Own Implicit Racial Bias” by Kim Scott

Recommended Anti-Racism Resources

Critical Diversity Solutions

Critical Diversity Solutions is a Black-owned business founded by two Black women: Dr. A. Breeze Harper and Elise Aymer. They do strategic consulting, as well as deliver workshops, lectures, and conferences that focus on anti-racism, racial inclusion, and racial-gender equity with intersectional framing (i.e. ability, age, sexual orientation, region, etc). They also give gender inclusion workshops and lectures, understanding that race and other factors will inform gender equity.

CDS actively frames their curriculum with a focus on systems and history, showing how these factors impact organizations and individuals (unconsciously and consciously). They collaborate with clients by showing them how to engage in structural change through action + strategy for the long run vs. “cosmetic diversity.” CDS knows that one training or lecture is rarely enough to positively affect DEI goals. Learn more >>

Innocent Classroom

Innocent Classroom teacher training rebuilds the relationship between educators and their students, especially students of color. Workshops equip teachers with understanding and practical strategies for connecting with every child — and channeling those relationships into learning and growth.

Author and educator Alexs Pate launched Innocent Classroom in 2012 with a vision to rebuild teacher-student relationships in school districts with some of the country’s widest gaps in achievement. Since that time, more than 4,000 educators in 220 schools and programs have participated in Constructing the Innocent Classroom workshops. Learn more >>

The Radical Candor Podcast theme music was composed by Cliff Goldmacher. Pre-order his book: The Reason For The Rhymes: Mastering the Seven Essential Skills of Innovation by Learning to Write Songs.

Pre order Kim’s new book, Just Work: Get Sh*t Done, Fast & Fair, to learn how we can recognize, attack, and eliminate workplace injustice―and transform our careers and organizations in the process.

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