Is Your Feedback Falling Flat? Practicing Radical Candor Will Fix Your Feedback Fails

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Lack of Radical Candor Leads to Low Performing Teams

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One of the reasons feedback fails occur is because a majority of people don’t put into practice an important part of a successful feedback formula, the Radical Candor order of operations — don’t dish it out before you prove you can take it! In other words, you need to solicit feedback before giving it, especially if you’re the boss. As the boss, people are more likely to tell you what they think you want to hear versus what they actually think. This is why you have to lay down your power and convince them otherwise.

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Fix Your Feedback Fails

Luckily, feedback fails don’t have to persist. Sign up for our self-paced e-course and get a year-long license so you can work at your own pace. Enter promo code FEEDBACK at checkout to save 10%. In addition to programs based around The Feedback Loop, you can also book interactive keynotes and workshops, start a roll-your-own virtual book club, and get a free comprehensive Radical Candor e-guide.


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  • Originally published at on February 1, 2021.