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At some point during your career, you’ve likely asked yourself: Should I be a manager? We’ve mentioned on previous episodes of the Radical Candor podcast that at many organizations the only opportunity for growth, advancement, and a pay bump is to become a manager. For folks who thrive on building a team and guiding others to achieve results, becoming a manager may be a dream come true. On the other hand, management could be a nightmare for high-performing individual contributors who are experts in their fields but have a low frustration tolerance for herding cats. How do you know if management is right for you? Kim and Jason discuss their paths to management.

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Radical Candor Podcast Episode At a Glance: Should I be a manager?

Should I be a manager?

Given the recent data that bad management is costing the global economy trillions of dollars, deciding whether or not to become the boss is a decision one shouldn’t take lightly.

In an essay for Time, S. Mitra Kalita, co-founder and CEO of URL Media, called the first year of being a manager the worst year of her life. She’s not alone, an HBR survey of first-time managers found nearly two-thirds are uncertain or anxious about their new role.

If you’re wondering: Should I be a manager? Consider this. In Radical Candor Kim says, “When management is the only path to higher compensation, the quality of management suffers, and the lives of the people who work for these reluctant managers become miserable.”

If your motivation for becoming a manager is entirely monetary, you’re going to be miserable.

Radical Candor Podcast Checklist: Should I be a manager?

Should I be a manager?

  1. Before becoming a manager, or promoting someone else, ask the question: Do you want to be a manager for power, money, or control, or do you want to do the things that managers do like coaching, soliciting and giving feedback, and building teams to get stuff done?
  2. Before becoming a manager, commit to doing the work on yourself that’s necessary for you to not impose your neurosis on others so you can lead from a place of collaboration and curiosity versus a place of command and control.
  3. Mental agility is an incredibly important quality in managers. Are you able to change your perspective in the face of new evidence or information? Do you know how to manage stress and do the things you need to do to stay centered? If not, management is probably not right for you right now.

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