Radical Collaboration

Radical Collaboration With Vijaya Kaza 6 | 10 (Radically Candid Conversations)

Collaboration is probably the most used buzzword in the corporate world, yet it is often misunderstood. Vijaya Kaza, Chief Security Officer & Head of Engineering for Trust and Safety at Airbnb, joins Kim for a Radically Candid Conversation about Radical Collaboration.

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Radical Candor Podcast: From Traditional to Radical Collaboration

Radical Collaboration

An impact and results-driven C-level technology and business executive with experience leading engineering, product management, design, information security and operations, Vijaya Kaza was recently named as one of The Female Quotient and Deloitte’s Top 30 Women in Cyber for 2023.

According to Vijaya, collaboration is often equated to saying yes or being agreeable. Collaborative people are often called out as those who are easy to work with as they do not engage in any conflicts.
However, true collaboration is not about saying yes to everything, especially to preserve “good relationships.”

In fact, this type of collaboration doesn’t focus on relationships at all and instead focuses on achieving a common goal. In a true collaborative partnership, strong relationships are formed as you work towards achieving a common goal, not because you want to maintain a good relationship.

True collaboration needs healthy debates, occasional conflicts and disagreements and ways to resolve those conflicts before they escalate. Otherwise, you are just working together, not necessarily collaborating.

Radical Collaboration

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