What is Radical Candor?

Radical Candor™ means “say what you think.”
But people rarely do this. Why is it so rare that such a simple thing feels radical?


The Candor Gauge shows you how people perceive your feedback and offers regular, specific tips on how to improve.


Stories & Tips

You’re not alone. Read stories about others like you and get tips for being more Radically Candid.

Advice Column

How to Get Feedback from Others

By Kim Scott To be really great at feedback you have to give it, get it, encourage it and gauge it. All of those things feel weird to do at first, but there are some easy things you can do to make them feel much more natural. As a manager who wants to start introducing Radical Candor on your team, we suggest that you start by asking for feedback from your team.
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The Gauge

Like GI Joe says, “Knowing is half the battle”. The Gauge will give your team insight into how people feel about their feedback and provide tips for improvement. Try it free for 12 weeks!


We offer workshops to help introduce and operationalize Radical Candor and the Candor Gauge. Get practical training to help your managers, L&D team, and entire organization learn Radical Candor.

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