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Podcast Season 5, Episode 1: What’s Your Radical Candor Story?

Welcome to season 5 of the Radical Candor podcast! On this episode, we have a montage of Radical Candor, Manipulative Insincerity and Obnoxious Aggression stories from our coaches and core team. Chances are you can relate to one or more of these stories. If you have a story to share, send it to us at podcast@radicalcandor.com.

Listen to the episode:

Radical Candor Podcast Stories



Lead Candor Coach and Podcast Host Amy Sandler shares about the time she went from Obnoxious Aggression to Manipulative Insincerity.




Candor Coach Stephanie Usry shares a story about a time receiving Radical Candor allowed her to make a career pivot.




 Candor Coach Farrah Mitra shares a story about how receiving Radical Candor helped her be a better leader in her next job.




Candor Coach Becca Barish shares a story about a time she behaved with Manipulative Insincerity and made a tense situation even worse.




Radical Candor Co-Founder and CEO Jason Rosoff shares a story about a time he received Radical Candor and it made him more aware of how he was coming across to others.




Candor Coach Mike Pugh shares a story about a time he thought he was hitting a home run during a workshop but later learned his sports metaphors were striking out.




Candor Coach Aaron Dimmock shares a story about a time he behaved with Manipulative Insincerity and ended up leaving the team.




Radical Candor Author and Co-Founder Kim Scott shares the Radical Candor origin story about how a stranger’s advice on the streets of New York City gave her words to live by.


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Radical Candor by Kim ScottThe Radical Candor Podcast is based on the book Radical Candor: Be A Kickass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity by Kim Scott.

Episodes are written and produced by Brandi Neal with script editing by Amy Sandler. The show features Radical Candor co-founders Kim Scott and Jason Rosoff and is hosted by Amy Sandler.

The Radical Candor Podcast theme music was composed by Cliff Goldmacher. Order his book: The Reason For The Rhymes: Mastering the Seven Essential Skills of Innovation by Learning to Write Songs.

Sound editing by PodcastBuffs.

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