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The Radical Recap from SXSW 6 | 13

Kim is fresh back from SXSW where she was hosting a live episode of her other podcast Radical Respect — you may notice some bonus episodes of it in your feed — and officially launching her forthcoming book Radical Respect, available for pre-order everywhere books are sold. The team also discusses mentorship, the benefits and drawbacks of conferences and retreats, and they each paint a picture of their ideal Radical Candor getaway. Amy reflects on her 2013 SXSW experience, including an all-night hunt for Grumpy Cat.

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Here’s How AI Summed Up This Conversation

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  • In this episode, Kim Scott discusses her experience at SXSW and the launch of Radical Respect. She reflects on the audience engagement and the impact of her Radical Candor TED Talk. Kim also shares her thoughts on planning a Radical Candor retreat and the importance of rest and integration. The conversation explores the idea of creating a less polarized world and the benefits of quality over quantity in conferences.
  • In this part of the conversation, Kim Scott discusses the value of work retreats and the importance of creating spaciousness for different individuals. She also talks about the book ‘Mentorship Unlocked’ and offers tips on finding and approaching mentors. The concept of radical respect is explored, along with its two definitions.
  • Kim shares her hopes for the launch of ‘Radical Respect’ and the impact it can have on preventing bias, prejudice, and bullying in the workplace.  In this conversation, Amy and Jason discuss the topic of AI and its limitations in drawing. They explore how AI’s drawing process differs from that of humans and why it often makes mistakes.
  • They also discuss the challenges AI faces in understanding concepts and how improvements are being made. The conversation concludes with a call to action for listeners to reach out if they are interested in using the AI-powered radical candor practice partner.


grumpy cat

  • SXSW provides an opportunity for engaging conversations and audience support.
  • The launch of Radical Respect was exciting and inspiring, with stories shared about experiences with bias, prejudice, and bullying.
  • A Radical Candor retreat could provide a spacious and self-directed environment for learning and reflection.
  • Rest and integration are essential for processing new ideas and experiences. Work retreats can be valuable for team bonding and productivity.
  • Finding a mentor can be done through various approaches, and it’s important to be clear and specific in your ask.
  • Creating spaciousness and allowing for different working styles can lead to increased productivity and satisfaction.
  • Radical respect involves offering basic regard for everyone’s humanity and feelings. AI’s drawing process is different from that of humans, as it lacks the concept of what it is drawing and focuses on the physical relationship between objects.
  • AI often makes mistakes in drawing because it doesn’t have a logical understanding of the content it is trying to depict.
  • AI struggles with separating letter forms from word concepts, leading to errors in drawing words.
  • Improvements are being made in AI’s understanding of concepts, but it is still in its infancy.


The Radical Recap from SXSW 6 | 13 sxsw,radical candor podcast

[00:00] SXSW Radical Respect podcast, and conference experiences. 

[04:15] Radical Respect and Conference Experiences. 

[10:31] Radical Candor and its Impact.

[16:40] Structuring a retreat for Radical Candor. 

[21:21] Retreat format and what fills people up. 

[23:37] Retreat planning for leaders with a focus on Radical Candor. 

[28:45] Mentorship and finding mentors for career success. 

[33:09] Mentorship dynamics and the importance of listening. 

[35:08] Empathy, mentorship, and helping others in the workplace.

[37:22] Mentorship and networking in the industry. 

[39:34] Mentorship and informal learning opportunities. 

[42:18] Radical Respect in the Workplace. 

[45:04] Mentorship, boondoggles, and effective communication.

Radical Candor Podcast Checklist

  1. If you go to a conference, feel free to skip sessions to get the alone time you need
  2. When approaching a mentor, let go of the need to impress — just make the ask
  3. Get a copy of Mentorship Unlocked.
  4. Get a copy of Radical Respect.

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