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Radically Candid Conversations: Muriel Wilkins and Kim Scott On The One Skill Leaders Need Today 5 | 12

On this episode of the Radical Candor podcast, Kim and Amy welcome C-suite advisor and executive coach Muriel Wilkins to the first Radically Candid Conversation episode of 2023. Kim and Muriel discuss how keeping it real at work can go wrong, what employees want from their leaders today, and the difference between performance and behavior.

Listen to the episode:

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Radical Candor Podcast Muriel Wilkins

Muriel Wilkins is a C-suite advisor and executive coach with a nearly 20-year track record of helping senior leaders and teams take their effectiveness to the next level. She is the host of the Harvard Business Review podcast, Coaching Real Leaders and the co-author of Own the Room: Discover Your Signature Voice to Master Your Leadership Presence.

Fun fact — Kim, Amy and Muriel all attended Harvard Business School at the same time but did not know each other.

Muriel helps answer a listener’s question — how friendly is too friendly at work?

The question:

How do you handle an employee who’s good at their job — delivers, is detailed, thorough, reliable, responsible, has good ideas, loves the job, the people, etc. but is also often emotionally driven, can be impulsive, nervous, is sometimes overbearing, micromanages (creating conflicts), gets too familiar with others too soon, and sees the workplace as a family (ex. doling out hugs and kisses and gifts that can be perceived as extra)?

I’m in conflict between skills and performance vs. behavioral issues if these are innate qualities that can’t really be changed. [Are these behaviors a core part of a personality that can’t be changed?]

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