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Video: A Radical Candor Story

It’s time for some Radical Candor! Russ tells a story of receiving Radical Candor from his Colonel in the Marines. He gets a Direct Challenge that gives him a clear message for how he can improve, and as a result, Russ is able to become a better leader.


What may not be as clear in this version of the story is the way that the Colonel showed that he Cared Personally. This was something that he had done over time in building his relationship with Russ. By the time the Colonel gave the feedback that Russ describes in this video, there was already a foundation of Caring Personally that made it possible for Russ to hear the Direct Challenge.

To hear more about that side of the story, listen to Episode 2 of our podcast!

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  1. Russ,

    Great example of Radical Candor. The example is direct and to the point, just like good feedback should be. I have received the most direct feedback while in the military. Now matter if it was a dressing down or a simple statement over chow, the deliverer of the feedback’s intent was always meant to make me a better leader.

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