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Podcast Episode 10: Staying Connected with Remote Teams

When your team or boss doesn’t work in the same location you do, communicating and building a strong relationship are much harder! Kim and Russ share stories of their challenges and successes and give advice for staying connected with remote teams.

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At a Glance

In this episode, Kim and Russ talk about what to do when you’re working with remote teams. It’s harder to build strong relationships and a culture of feedback, but there are tips and techniques that can help.

Russ tells a story about leading the DoubleClick team after the company was acquired by Google. He was based in Mountain View, and the team he was leading was in New York, which made it more challenging for Russ to get feedback and stay connected.

Kim shares a story about a direct report who thanked her for everything she had done to make sure they stayed connected despite the fact that Kim was in Mountain View and her direct was in Japan. She talks about her techniques for making that possible.

I feel more connected with you than any other leader I’ve ever worked with.

This week’s episode has a listener question about working across countries with different cultures. Kim and Russ offer their advice, based on the idea that Radical Candor is universally human but culturally and interpersonally relative.

Feedback gets measured at the listener’s ear, not the speaker’s mouth.

And the episode ends, as always, with the Candor Checklist.

The Candor Checklist

Our practical tips for strengthening relationships with remote teams.

Tip 1: Have frequent, quick check ins.

Tip 2: If you can’t exchange feedback in person, video conference is second best.

Tip 3: If you have to choose between giving feedback in person and giving it immediately, choose immediately.

Make sure to listen to the full episode for the details on these tips.

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  1. Kim, did you say on this episode that you are from Memphis?! As a fellow (and current) Memphian, I loved that you dropped this little nugget. I am a budding manager at my firm, where we work with remote teams every day, and I am trying to get all of the management team at our office on board with the Radical Candor approach! Love the podcast and excited to read the book (already downloaded on my Kindle)!

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