Interactive Workshops

Through storytelling, a trained Candor Coach will introduce you and your team to the core Radical Candor concepts and a shared vocabulary as well as tips and techniques that demonstrate for your team how Radical Candor can become an integral part of their success at work.

Digital Radical Candor Feedback Training Courses

Learn From the Expert
Embark on an hour-long animated learning adventure with the Radical Candor expert Kim Scott. Kim will guide learners through 10 snack-sized sections explaining how to apply the principles of Radical Candor and how to avoid feedback fails.

Knowledge checks at the end of each section reinforce this new set of communication skills that can be implemented immediately. Available for companies with their own LMS.

The Feedback Loop: A Workplace Comedy Series
Radical Candor and Second City Works introduce The Feedback Loop (think Groundhog Day meets The Office), a 5-episode workplace comedy series that brings Radical Candor’s feedback framework to life.

You’ll get an hour of hilarious content about a team whose feedback fails are costing them business; improv-inspired exercises to teach everyone the skills they need to work better together; after-episode action plans you can put into practice immediately.

The program easily scales across in-person and remote organizations. Individual licenses start at $149 a person.

Keynote: The talk

Radical Candor author Kim Scott, or a trained Candor Coach, will introduce key Radical Candor concepts, providing tips and tactics to get you started on your Radical Candor journey.

Solutions that scale

Train-the-Trainer Workshop
Facilitate certified Radical Candor workshops within your organization using our copyrighted training materials. One of our Radical Candor experts will train up to 20 people to deliver Radical Candor workshops during this workshop.

Radical Candor Content Licensing
Get unlimited access to our Radical Candor copyrighted content, including training decks and workshop materials, to use across your organization. The annual fee is scaled based on the size of your company.

After the Radical Candor training, I had an employee come to me and say, ‘I can see a total change in my manager. I went from barely speaking to him to meeting with him on a regular basis. I went from being uncertain about my future at Heitman to now being confident that I can fulfill my career goals.’” — Heitman

Videos to Help You Learn the Feedback Framework

Radical Candor In 6 Minutes

Learn the basics of Radical Candor in six minutes. Obnoxious Aggression is what happens when you challenge someone directly, but don’t care about them personally. Manipulative Insincerity is praise that is non-specific and insincere or criticism that is neither clear nor kind. Ruinous Empathy is “nice” but ultimately unhelpful or even damaging. Radical Candor is criticism that is kind and clear, and praise that is specific and sincere.

Mini Keynote With Kim Scott

Kim breaks down the concepts on Radical Candor, provides specific stories and examples, and reveals the two incidents that prompted her to bottle the magic of Radical Candor and share it with the world. Radical Candor not only become a best-selling book, but it’s also blossomed into a company creating BS-free zones at workplaces around the world.

The Talk that Started a Revolution

Kim’s talk at First Round Capital went viral and started a feedback revolution around the world. Why? Because implementing a feedback-first culture will improve your relationships and help your team achieve more success than you ever thought possible. Next, Kim is tackling bias and bullying in the workplace. Order her new book, Just Work: How To Root Out Bias, Prejudice, and Bullying to Create a Kick-Ass Culture of Inclusivity, to learn how we can recognize, attack, and eliminate workplace injustice ― and transform our careers and organizations in the process.

Radical Candor Feedback Training Learning Guides

Our Radical Candor guides are designed to help you deepen your learning. Each section of each guide includes text as well as links to go further down the road to Radical Candor by listening to a podcast episode or watching a video.
Radical Candor Resources

The Radical Candor Quick Start Guide

This one-page quick-start guide gives you the quick and dirty on Radical Candor complete with definitions for the quadrants and the order of operations. Print it out and keep it by your desk!

Download the guide >>

The ‘Radical Candor’ Book Club Discussion Guide

We’ve put together this list of questions to get you started with your Radical Candor book club. Visit our book page to buy copies of Radical Candor in bulk at a reduced rate. After your club members have read the book, use the critical thinking questions to help guide the discussion.

Download the guide >>

The Radical Candor Practice Playbook

So, you’ve read the book, listened to the podcast, watched the videos and attended a workshop or keynote. Now what? Continue developing your skills with our Radical Candor Practice Playbook, a workbook that takes you through each step of the Order of Operations.

Download the playbook >>

5 Tips for Practicing Radical Candor with Direct Reports

Your ability to build trusting, human connections with the people who report directly to you will determine the quality of everything that follows. Despite these relationships being vitally important, most of us are at a loss when we set out to build relationships with our direct reports.

Download the guide >>

6 Ways to Encourage Feedback Between Others

It’s a lot easier to lead by example than it is to change other people’s behavior. If you want to encourage feedback between the people on your team or at your organization, you’re going to have to create an environment where people feel safe and encouraged to give real feedback.

Download the guide >>

Quick Start Guide: Encouraging Feedback

Encouraging feedback between others will facilitate stronger relationships between peers, allow for more praise to be shared and provide more perspectives on what’s going well and why.

Download the guide >>

11 Ways for Managers to Get Feedback From their Teams

As a manager, it’s crucially important for you to get feedback and find out what people really think. Getting people to Challenge you Directly can be the difference between success and failure, which means you need to make a concerted effort to get feedback.

Download the guide >>

6 Steps for Rolling Out Radical Candor On Your Team

Radical Candor builds trust and opens the door for the kind of communication that helps you achieve the results you’re aiming for. If you’re ready to introduce Radical Candor to your team, follow these six steps to roll it out like a boss.

Download the guide >>

How to Have Radically Candid Performance Development Conversations

It is a manager’s job to help each person on their team develop and grow their careers, as well as manage their performance. Balancing the intrinsic desire to improve and grow and the extrinsic desire for rewards like bonuses, equity, and promotion is one of the most difficult things about being a manager. We can help you navigate.

Download the guide >>

Use the C.O.R.E. Model to Give Effective Feedback

Radically Candid praise and criticism both include caring and a challenge. In order to make sure your feedback lets the other person know what was good and what wasn’t — what to do more of and what to do less of — use the four-step CORE method.

Download the guide >>

Use Our 7-Step Get Sh*t Done Wheel To Get More Done With Less Drama

The GSD Wheel has 7 steps: Listen, Clarify, Debate, Decide, Persuade, Implement and Learn. When run effectively, the GSD Wheel will enable your team to achieve more collectively than anyone could ever dream of achieving individually.

Download the guide >>

Radical Candor Case Studies


Speaking of candor

Every day people tell us that learning to Care Personally and Challenge Directly has made their teams happier and more productive.

“It’s been an incredible journey for us — from book studies to informal discussion, the Radical Candor quadrants have become a new vocabulary in our district. The positive impact of Radical Candor has been far-reaching, thank you!”
Becky Peters
St. Vrain Valley School District
Colorado, USA

“The AsiaPacific leadership team used this workshop to assess and improve how they communicate to their teams and each other, integrating learnings from the Indian, Singaporean, and Australian cultures while together. Having a Radical Candor coach and peers from other regions to practice with was invaluable.”
Clare Martin
Bangalore, India

“Thank you so much for coming and working with our team. Everyone loved the workshop…everything you shared with us will help us be our best selves and best Hireologists.”
Christen Calloway
Illinois, USA

“I loved it! I was already familiar with the concept, and still it was a great conversation…Meeting these world-class business ‘gurus’ is very inspiring and aspirational.”
Nubank team member
São Paulo, Brazil

“I’ve only heard GREAT things about the training. It makes me so proud of this team to hear them reflecting on their styles and thinking about what they need to change in their behaviors.”
Janel Lao
California, USA

Radically Candid Feedback Training Resources for You

A great way to practice the principles of Radical Candor is by starting a virtual book club. Buy copies of Radical Candor in bulk at a reduced rate, save over 50% per book!

Radical Candor books by Kim Scott