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Podcast Season 2, Episode 11: Radically Candid Conversations — Kim Scott & Annie Jean-Baptiste, Author of Building for Everyone, Talk Intersectionality at Work

Our podcast series, “Radically Candid Conversations,” features experts and guests who help us learn, reflect and put our insights into action. This episode of the Radical Candor podcast features Annie Jean-Baptiste, head of product inclusion at Google and author of Building For Everyone: Expand Your Market With Design Practices From Google’s Product Inclusion Team. Kim and Annie discuss how to build inclusive products, teams and experiences by focusing on 12 areas of intersectionality: age, race, ability, culture, socioeconomic status, religion, geography, sexual orientation, gender, education, ethnicity and language.

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Building For Everyone: Expand Your Market With Design Practices From Google’s Product Inclusion Team

Annie Jean-BaptisteThe Amazon Detes: Establishing diverse and inclusive organizations is an economic imperative for every industry. Any business that isn’t reaching a diverse market is missing out on enormous revenue potential and the opportunity to build products that suit their users’ core needs.

The economic “why” has been firmly established, but what about the “how?” How can business leaders adapt to our ever-more-diverse world by capturing market share AND building more inclusive products for people of color, women and other underrepresented groups? The Product Inclusion Team at Google has developed strategies to do just that and Building For Everyone is the practical guide to following in their footsteps.

This book makes publicly available for the first time the same inclusive design process used at Google to create user-centric award-winning and profitable products.

Author and Head of Product Inclusion Annie Jean-Baptiste outlines what those practices look like in industries beyond tech with fascinating case studies. Readers will learn the key strategies and step-by-step processes for inclusive product design that limits risk and increases profitability.

Discover the questions you should be asking about diversity and inclusion in your products for marketers, user researchers, product managers and more.

  • Understand the research the Product Inclusion team drove to back up their practices
  • Learn the “ABCs of Product Inclusion” to build inclusion into your organization’s culture
  • Leverage the product inclusion suite of tools to get your organization building more inclusively and identifying new opportunities.
  • Read case studies to see how product inclusion works across industries and learn what doesn’t work.

Building For Everyone will show you how to infuse your business processes with inclusive design. You’ll learn best practices for inclusion in product design, marketing, management, leadership and beyond, straight from the innovative Google Product Inclusion team.

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About Annie Jean-Baptiste

Annie Jean-BaptisteAnnie Jean-Baptiste is the head of product inclusion at Google. She leads product inclusion strategy across the company, including consultation, communications, scale and research and created the movement three years ago as a way to ensure underrepresented users felt seen throughout the product design process.

Annie is passionate about making the web and Google’s products work for underserved communities while ensuring that Google is a place where everyone shines for their differences. She’s responsible for working with Google product teams and senior leaders on the creation and execution of their inclusive design strategy.

She formerly created programs related to diversity talent management and career development within several technical product areas within Google. 

She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania (go Quakers!) with degrees in international relations & political science. She is an avid Boston sports fan and loves to bring her dog Hercules to work. She is currently based in Google’s San Francisco office.

Outside of Google, Annie is a former American Heart Association spokesperson and a one young world ambassador, focused on healthy lifestyles in underserved communities. She is also a former hack the hood mentor. 

She currently serves as an intrapreneur in residence at the University Pennsylvania’s graduate school of education and a member of the IEEE’s ethically aligned design committee. She’s been inducted into the Haitian Roundtable’s 1804 Society as “one to watch” and inducted as one of the 30 black stars for face to face Africa in 2019. 

She’s also been covered in Vogue, Essence magazine, Teen Vogue, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC, Cheddar, Business Insider, the Huffington Post, The Root, the Council of Fashion Designers of America annual report, the Miami Times, Boston Globe and Fortune magazine.

She’s the co-founder of equitably designed, a fashion consulting firm. her book, Building for Everyone, is available now. Follow her on social media: @its_me_ajb.

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Radical Candor podcast

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Radical Candor podcast

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