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Podcast Episode 15: What’s Your Body Language Telling Me?

We keep saying that in person feedback is best…why is that? Body language! You can learn a lot from someone else’s body language, and you can also use your own body language to communicate. Join Kim, Russ, and guest Amy Chang of Accompany to learn how body language can help you out at work.

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In This Episode

Most of communication is nonverbal, so you lose a lot of information if you don’t communicate in person. (If you’re managing a remote team, see Episode 10: Staying Connected with Remote Teams) This episode Kim and Russ talk about what you can learn from body language at work. They are joined by Amy Chang, CEO of Accompany, who tells a great story about receiving nonverbal feedback from an employee. During a conversation, Amy sees the employee’s face flush and learns that she’s making a mistake.

I could see it!

The story helps make a great point about noticing and accepting nonverbal feedback.

This episode also includes a listener voicemail with a story about receiving feedback on body language.

Baby, you gotta get your game face on.

The listener story reminds Kim of a time when body language told her a lot about a person’s thoughts. Remember that your own body language is also communicating to others!

The episode ends, as always, with the Candor Checklist.

The Candor Checklist

Start learning from body language at work! Here are specific tips you can start using this week:

Tip 1: When giving feedback, watch the person’s reaction to your praise or criticism and adjust.

Tip 2: Don’t hide from emotion.

Tip 3: Pay attention to how you’re sitting.

Tip 4: Use body language to be more confident.

Listen to the episode for more on each of these tips.

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