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Podcast Episode 11: Creating a Culture of Radical Candor

By now you’re familiar with the ideas behind Radical Candor — Care Personally and Challenge Directly. How can you take these ideas and make an organizational change? In this episode, Kim and Russ talk about how to create a culture of Radical Candor in your own workplace.

Listen to the episode:

In This Episode

Kim and Russ talk through some steps for building a culture of Radical Candor across your team or organization.

First, focus on yourself. Kim and Russ tell stories about how they look inward — Kim talks about the feedback she got when she was working on the book, and Russ tells a story about getting feedback from Kim on an email he sent. Everyone makes mistakes, but by looking within and helping call each other out, we can get it right more of the time.

Next, Kim and Russ talk about spreading Radical Candor outward. They answer a listener question about causing change as one person in an organization, that is “nice”.

The episode ends with specific tips for building a culture of Radical Candor.

The Candor Checklist

Here are the tips from this week’s episode:

Tip 1: Create a shared vocabulary.

Tip 2: Encourage self-criticism.

Tip 3: Use frequent reminders.

Listen to the episode for explanations of these tips.

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    1. Yes. We’re no longer building/offering the apps. They weren’t as effective as we wanted them to be and we decided that we wanted to spend some time working closely, in person, with organizations who are excited about the idea before we revisited the software angle.

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