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Human Resource Management – Quick Tips & Tricks From peopleHum

Guest post about human resource management from HR experts at peopleHum, the Future of Work people platform. 

Human resource management is about more than solving internal disputes, presenting an attractive work culture in front of potential candidates and managing legal affairs. Human resource management is about people. It is about ensuring employee engagement, conducting fair company-wide practices and maintaining the overall health of the organization.

An HR manager is responsible for all these individual functions. Therefore, an HR manager should always be soliciting and open to receiving feedback, input and growing their HR network. Here are a few tips and tricks in the field of human resource management.

human resource management

Human Resource Management – Tips and Tricks 101

Understand your people

The trick to being a good HR manager is to master Radical Candor, the ability to Care Personally and Challenge Directly at the same time. As an HR leader, you must care personally about your employees. This means being more than just “professional.” It is key for an HR leader to know about the important personal and professional goals as well as the strengths and weaknesses of their employees so they can guide them in the right direction.

Grow your network

One of the fastest way to increase your knowledge and skills, and expand your business connections, is by networking. This way you get to meet other professionals in your domain, find out how they manage HR policies in their respective organizations and learn how they make sure their employees are satisfied, engaged and are able to reach their full potential.

Communicate regularly

As an HR leader, it’s important to communicate with your employees regularly. You should be a solid resource for them when they need help. It’s normal for them to experience personal and professional difficulties over the course of their careers. If you have successfully built a culture that is kind and caring, your employees will be more likely to use you as a resource.

Lead by example

As an HR leader, you have to set a company-wide example by walking the talk. If you expect employees to Care Personally about one another and challenge each other directly, you have to do the same.

Hire people better than you

Hire people who have different strengths than you, more expertise in areas where you might be lacking, and have a different perspective from yours. HR analytics show that candidates who challenge you can offer fresh perspectives — there’s always something new to learn about your business if you are open to it.

human resource management

Pay special attention to on-boarding, training & development

The first few months are crucial for a new employee. Don’t be absent in this process; be a strategic thought partner. It is an important part of human resource management to help new employees succeed by having regular check-ins, providing learning materials and offering hands-on training.

Be a culture consultant

HR leaders are culture consultants. They are the ones who create HR policies for the company and its employees in order to maintain consistency and ensure that the company culture is healthy and productive. This is why it’s important for HR leaders see themselves as culture consultants who are involved in building a great company culture for their employees.

Involve employees in the process

When you create a process at work, it is generally for the benefit of employees. Therefore, involving employees while creating the process is important and necessary. Otherwise, it’s kind of like building a house for someone without knowing what their requirements are.

Identify areas of focus

When you are focused on clearly defined goals, you are better able to guide your employees. Is recruitment an area that needs more attention? Is there something wrong with engagement? Are you unable to retain top talent due to a toxic company culture? Once you identify problems you can work on creating solutions.

Prioritize quality over quantity

Whether it’s about recruitment or retention, it’s important to prioritize quality over quantity. Some companies believe that increasing output is the way to get ahead. However, that’s neither right nor ethical. Therefore, you must ensure that your work is genuine and authentic.

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