Tell Your Team Why You’re Using Candor Coach

candor coach activityOur new Candor Coach app for iOS will help you become a Radically Candid manager by coaching you through three types of quick, in-person feedback conversations with your team members.

When you get started, it can help to let your team know what you’re doing, and why you’re doing it. Here’s an email you can tweak and send to get everyone on the same page.


Dear Team,

I’m starting to use an app called Candor Coach that will help me get better at asking for and giving feedback. I’ll be working on this through quick, face-to-face conversations with each of you.

I’m doing this because I want to improve as your manager, help us achieve great results as a team, and have fun working together.

Feedback is critical to our success as a team

The purpose of feedback is to help us achieve more success as a team. I want to know what I can do better, and I want to let you know when I think you’re doing something great and when I see a way for you to have more impact.

I want to build a culture of feedback

I want to get better at Radical CandorChallenging Directly and showing I Care Personally. I also want you to feel comfortable challenging me. My goal is to make feedback a habit, like brushing and flossing, instead of like getting a root canal.

What’s in it for you

Feedback will help everyone. I’ll get better at being your boss. Together, we’ll achieve more. We will all grow professionally, reduce guessing games, and have more fun working together.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


Your Boss/Manager/Leader 🙂