SNL Clip: When Your Feedback Isn’t Heard

This clip of “One More Mission” from Saturday Night Live was shared with us on Facebook, and we thought it would be perfect for this Friday’s media post. There’s feedback flying all around in the clip, but let’s just focus on the section starting around 0:54, when Johnny O’Connor (Phil Hartman) enters and Harry Meyer (John Lovitz) tells him he’s through. Remember, Radical Candor is not measured at the speaker’s mouth, but at the listener’s ear. So although Harry may believe he is being super clear (at 1:50), Johnny is unable to hear the feedback. Harry has to keep at it until Johnny shows that he understands what Harry is saying.

Have you ever had the feeling that someone really wasn’t hearing what you had to say? Did you keep trying and use as many different ways of saying it as possible, like John Lovitz does? 🙂  Tell us your stories!