Join Natasha Osmond-Dreyer, Radical Candor’s Australia-Based Candor Coach, for a Public 2-Hour Radical Candor Workshop

Join Natasha Osmond-Dreyer, Radical Candor’s Australia-based Candor Coach, for a public two-hour Radical Candor workshop on 07/22/22 from 11 a.m. — 1 p.m. AEST. This workshop has only 21 spaces available, so sign up right away to reserve your spot.

We’ve all had “feedback fails” — those times we didn’t give a colleague feedback because we were afraid of hurting their feelings, or we did it in a way that ended up backfiring.

In this practical and interactive session, you’ll learn how the Radical Candor framework of Caring Personally while Challenging Directly can help you give and receive feedback more effectively.

Radical Candor Workshop

In this two-hour Radical Candor Workshop session, you’ll collaborate with other attendees through whole-group and breakout-group discussions to start applying the core behaviors of Radical Candor.

This Radical Candor Workshop is great for:

  • People who are just learning about Radical Candor and want to augment the ideas with practice.
  • People who have just joined an organization that practices Radical Candor and want to learn more.
  • Execs, Managers, and HR pros considering training their teams in Radical Candor and would like to try it themselves first.

Radical Candor takes practice — here’s your chance to get some feedback practice in a safe and supportive environment. (This session is time optimized for our APAC/AUS-NZ region, but all are welcome.)

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