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Tune in as we delve into the workplace dynamic that everyone can relate to — the “loud laborers.” These individuals have mastered the art of talking big about their projects while accomplishing very little. Join us to explore the characteristics of these self-proclaimed workplace heroes, as they often gravitate toward tasks that boost visibility rather than genuine productivity. Discover the impact of “loud laborers” on team dynamics and how to navigate this common workplace scenario. Don’t miss out on this insightful discussion shedding light on the not-so-quiet world of office chatter!

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Radical Candor Podcast: Loud Laborers


@gabrielle_judge Okay so now here are all of the trendy buzzwords for this whole anti work movement in corporate america. There is grumpy stayers, quiet thriving, loud quitting, lazy girl jobs, and loud laboring. I cant keep up. To me this just looks like employers shaming employees for wanting to be compensated and treated fairly in the workplace. Also lazy girl jobs do not lead to unemployment. Lazy girl jobs is about work life balance. I love how people equate a good days work to putting in extra work to get ahead. Boomers will soon be out of the workforce and milennials and gen z will slowly transition in their career to leadership roles. #careeradvice #jobsearch #quietquitting ♬ original sound – Anti Work Girlboss

Meet the “loud laborers” — those coworkers who love to boast about their important projects but may not be putting in the work. Kim, Amy and Jason delve into the world of highly visible tasks and the art of talking more than doing. Discover the dynamics of these individuals and how their preference for visibility impacts the workplace. This candid discussion on navigating the challenges posed by the “loud laborer” reveals what’s underneath all that talk.

Radical Candor Podcast Checklist: Loud Laborers

What is a loud laborer? People who are all talk and no action at work.

  1. Remember the measurement problem. Too often we reward what we can measure and we do not reward what we value. This all goes back to Radical Candor. Use the two-minute impromptu development conversation to hook into a person’s intrinsic desire to get better. 
  2. Stop rewarding loud laboring. This kind of behavior is rampant because it works. You should know as a manager what’s going on with your team well enough to see through loud laboring, which isn’t producing real results. And you can only do this if you’ve taken the time to build relationships with the people on your team and get curious about what’s happening.
  3. Managers, it’s part of your job to acknowledge and celebrate the work of the quiet laborers on your team. Every boss loves receiving an email about the great things that people who don’t typically boast about their work have done. So take the time to do that. It’s going to help you and it’s going to help them in their career.
  4. If you suspect you have a loud laborer, ask yourself: is all of that visible activity leading to actual results?

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