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Podcast Episode 12: Make Meetings Less Awful

Meetings can be an extremely frustrating part of work. But they don’t have to be! Listen to this episode with guest Claire Johnson of Stripe to discover a meeting opportunity you may be missing, learn how to combat the worst meeting habit, and get some tips you can use to start improving your meetings this week.

Listen to this week’s episode:

In This Episode

Everyone loves to hate meetings. But meetings aren’t all bad, and Kim and Russ have some advice for making them better. This episode starts with an interview with Claire Johnson, COO at Stripe.

Claire tells Kim and Russ a story about her boss Paul asking to grab her after a meeting to provide feedback.

Hey, can I grab you for a few minutes in my office?

The feedback that Claire received was much more impactful because her boss gave it immediately after the meeting. Kim and Russ suggest that bosses use meetings as a feedback look-out opportunity.

This week’s listener question is about a terrible meeting habit: interrupting. Kim and Russ give advice for what to do about interruptions in meetings.

And of course, the episode ends with practical tips for meetings in the Candor Checklist.

The Candor Checklist

Our tips for improving your meetings — put these into practice right away!

Tip 1: Have an agenda.

Tip 2: Assign roles for the meeting.

Tip 3: Think hard about who needs to be there.

Get the details for these tips by listening to the full episode.

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