Jerry Maguire – Help Me Help You

We recently launched the Candor Gauge, an app that helps you improve your impromptu feedback. So to celebrate, we wanted to share a clip from Jerry Maguire that embodies the spirit of the Gauge.

“Help me, help you.”

This is exactly what the Gauge is built to do. It allows people to help their managers, peers, team members… whoever, give better feedback. Better feedback helps people do better work and have more fun working together. So by asking someone to gauge your feedback, you’re asking them to help you help them.

This line is also a great embodiment of Radically Candid feedback, and possibly the shortest, quickest way to send a message with Radical Candor. It’s a very direct challenge — something isn’t right and needs to be fixed. And it shows strong personal caring — I want to help you! You can also see in Jerry’s (Tom Cruise) facial expressions and hear in his tone of voice that he cares and is sincere.

There’s a whole lot more in this full scene, a lot of emotion, some Obnoxious Aggression. But remember that if you can’t be Radically Candid, being Obnoxiously Aggressive is second best because you still get the Direct Challenge across. And Rod (Cuba Gooding Jr.) shows his appreciation for the Direct Challenges with his final line.

You think we’re fighting, and I think we’re finally talking!

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