Glengarry Glen Ross Shows Us Obnoxious Aggression

Radical Candor is hard. Sometimes it’s much easier to let go of your direct challenge or not take the time to show you Care Personally. At moments like this, maybe you need a little kick in the pants to keep you motivated. 🙂

Try watching an extreme example of what happens when you’re not Radically Candid, like this classic example of Obnoxious Aggression.

This is the well-known “Always Be Closing” scene from Glengarry Glen Ross. Blake (Alec Baldwin) delivers a “pep” talk to the guys in the real estate office, urging them to do better. He issues strong challenges, but also actively shows multiple times that he does NOT Care Personally.

Let this clip remind you that Radical Candor is not the same as front-stabbing. That’s Obnoxious Aggression.

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