Quadrants 2x2

The Candor Gauge app sends you weekly reports that show how people feel about your feedback. You will improve naturally as you see how your praise and criticism are perceived in the Radical Candor™ framework. Plus, the Gauge will give you specific tips for better impromptu feedback.

How It Works

  1. Select the people you give feedback to most often.
  2. The Gauge asks those people to rate your praise and criticism each week. It only takes 30 seconds – it’s just a matter of tapping one of the four quadrants for praise and for criticism.
  3. You’ll receive an aggregated report at the end of the week.

Why It Works

The paradox of criticism

When giving criticism, you, like most of us, probably fear being Obnoxious, so you tend to retreat to Ruinous Empathy.

But when getting criticism most people would rather hear it straight.

Praise works the same way

When you praise others to be “nice” or to try to make them feel good, it comes across as Ruinous Empathy or Manipulative Insincerity.

The Gauge gives you a superpower

You won’t quite be able to read other people’s minds, but you’ll get a glimpse into what they really think about your feedback. When you see from your Gauge results that people prefer to hear it straight, it becomes much easier to “just say it!” If you know when you are pulling your punches or punching too hard, you’ll adjust automatically.

In addition to self-awareness, the Gauge gives you customized weekly tips. If you want more advice, we link you to stories and more tips.

Improve your feedback,
don’t replace real conversations with software.

Candor Gauge Report

The Candor Gauge is different than any other feedback app we’ve seen.

It works because it gives you a quick, low-risk way to know how your feedback conversations are perceived. It does not try to replace actual, in-person conversations with software.

The framework, which tens of thousands of people have found helpful, is designed for quick self-awareness and self-correction. It reminds you that feedback should both Challenge people Directly and at the same time demonstrate that you Care Personally.

Change requires awareness, not a massive investment in training. Change requires a few minutes each week, not hours or days.

The Gauge is built to help you develop, not to judge you. The results are for you to improve your skill at delivering Radically Candid praise and criticism. They will not impact performance reviews, promotions, or other formal processes. While companies may choose to pay for the Gauge as a benefit to you, you own your data, not your boss or your company. If you leave the company, the data from the Gauge goes with you.

Radical Candor, the book, comes out on March 14th! Order your copy now