What is Radical Candor LLC?

Radical Candor, LLC is an executive education company based on Kim Scott’s best-selling book, Radical Candor: How to be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity. Radical Candor, LLC was founded in 2017 by Kim Scott and Jason Rosoff, Radical Candor CEO.

We work with companies of all sizes across a range of industries helping managers and teams around the world create a culture of guidance,
achieve their fullest potential, and drive results collaboratively.

One of the most interesting things about Radical Candor is that it’s universally applicable.


Radical Candor is for everyone. Not just managers. Radical Candor will:

  • Provide your team with tools to be kind + clear with each other in order to foster better communication + build better relationships.
  • Create a shared language and level-set expectations for how your team will approach feedback conversations.
  • Create mechanisms within your team to share different points of view and encourage healthy debate in order to fuel collaboration and drive innovation.
  • Shift mindset around feedback — it can be an accelerator that engages others and drives business results.
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