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Help your team grow in the direction of their dreams. Career Conversations will guide you through career planning with your team so that you can learn what is important to them, understand where they want to go, and build the best possible plan of action.

Why Career Conversations?

Career Conversations are important both for the employee whose career is being discussed and for their manager. Our careers are a huge part of our lives; thinking about our goals and how to get there can greatly impact our success.

For managers, Career Conversations are one of the best ways to learn what’s important to our employees, to build a strong relationship with them, and to really help them grow. Not only are they crucially important to understanding how to help your people grow, they’re how you can help people grow relevantly. Have you ever been engaged in growth activities with one of the people in your team and asked yourself, “what am I helping them grow toward?” Or have you ever wondered “does this growth plan make sense given what this person really cares about and given their greatest aspirations?”

Candor Career Conversations will encourage managers to take on this responsibility and will help them and their employees get the most out of these conversations. We provide the structure for a series of conversations between managers and their reports and then facilitate the process. Managers will get advice for conducting the best quality conversations and gleaning the most important insights. We help both managers and employees understand what drives the employee and what their vision of their future is. Then we help you craft a plan together for taking steps towards the envisioned future.

Why It Works

We don’t just want to make sure you have Career Conversations, we want you to have rewarding and effective Career Conversations. We’re different from any other career growth product because we provide a framework for how to make the most of these conversations. We provide training to managers on how to be most helpful to their team members, so that those team members can make concrete progress towards their career goals. Instead of just offering an easy place to take notes, we provide best practices and advice for getting better at Career Conversations. Our software makes the process easy, guiding you through simple steps, helping you (managers and employees together) identify the key growth opportunity areas for specific long-term career aspirations, and allowing you to enjoy the process without stress.

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