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Roll Out Radical Candor on Your Team

A number of you have asked how to roll out Radical Candor on your team. How can you get started with some of the ideas from the book and the podcast as a group? Last year, I wrote an Advice Column post answering a CEO’s question about introducing the concepts and starting to build a Radically Candid culture. But let’s get more specific. Here are a few simple things you can do:

1) Start a book discussion group.

Have your team read a chapter of the book each week and use our questions to get the conversation started.

2) Print the Radical Candor framework.

Put up the printouts in conference rooms, 1:1 rooms, or wherever your team will see it regularly. Having the ideas top of mind can help when a feedback situation arises.

3) Share your own stories.

Think of your own stories in each quadrant and share them with your team. When did somebody give you some Radically Candid feedback that maybe stung a little bit in the moment but stood you in good stead for the rest of your career?


For more ideas, read about this company who created a Radical Candor award. What other things have you and your team done to get started with Radical Candor?

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Kim Scott

Kim is the co-founder of Radical Candor and author of "Radical Candor: Be a Kickass Boss without Losing your Humanity." Kim has built her career as a leader at Google and Apple and as an advisor at numerous other Silicon Valley companies. Her goal is to help people love their work and their colleagues (appropriately of course).

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  1. Kim, your book is transformative. You address all my concerns that have never been discussed in the many leadership development books I have read. I am in the beginning stages of rolling our Radical Candor to my team & gave my boss a copy of the book as well.

    thank you

  2. I enjoyed your book. It helps managers understand why they need to help people move forward in their positions and provides tips and examples to make it happen. It clarifies why doing nothing is bad for the employee, the manager and the company.

  3. You state above “Put up the printouts in conference rooms…”. Are there specific PDF printouts available somewhere on the website or are you suggesting to copy the 2×2 grid graphic from this page to print out and post up?

  4. Your book is very informative and helpful in my role as an Agile Coach. As you may be aware it dovetails very nicely with a book named “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team”

    I am not sure that this is the correct forum for this comment, but I did want to point out an area that I felt would have added clarity to me, or perhaps I am missing a point. In the graphical depiction of the Radical Candor Framework, I see a mathematical graph with two axes and only the positive sides of those axes are labelled. I would find it helpful to have have labels for the neagative sides of those axes so that in conversations there would be shared verbiage describing those sides of the axes, which we want to help ourselves and others avoid. Perhaps it was not intended as a mathematical construct, but I see both axes as a spectrum and having the negative sides labelled would help with conversations that I have had about the framework.

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